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On Monday, 25 October 2010 the East End Waterway Group patron Jim Fitzpatrick MP, local historian Tom Ridge and concerned residents delivered a petition with over 900 signatures to Telereal Trillium, the present owners of the POPLAR EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE at 307 Burdett Road to ask them to:-.

allow the retention and adaptation of the former Poplar Employment Exchange at 307 Burdett Road as a training and social enterprise centre for unemployed local people, called the LANSBURY CENTRE

Trillium have made two planning applications for the demolition of the local landmark, and both were refused by Tower Hamlets Council. They have plans to build an 11 storey 56 flat complex on the site.

They are now seeking a judicial review of Tower Hamlets Council’s designation of the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area which will be held on 11th and 12th November at the Administrative Court, The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2.


Local residents concerns.

  • Residents are extremely concerned by the high density of the development which is far above the London Plan and that the character of the building would not be in line with existing buildings in the area. Existing buildings would be overlooked by windows and balconies, including the communal garden and children’s play area proposed for the top of the six storey block and sunlight/daylight in these existing buildings would be affected.
  • Residents are also concerned by the potential level of noise nuisance from the restaurant/bar and shops on the ground floor, as they would exacerbate the existing levels of noise, parking, traffic congestion and pollution already in Burdett Road. Also noise from mechanical plant to be used in the buildings would add to this.
  • The development provides too few affordable flats and this did not justify the loss of such an historic local building. The building should be retained and locally protected and remain a memorial to George Lansbury and his campaign against poverty and unemployment.

The councils reasons to refuse the previous application.

  • The proposed development, by virtue of its inappropriate scale, massing, density and design would result in a built form out of keeping with the existing street scene which would fail to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area.
  • The proposed development would result in unacceptable loss of daylight and sunlight to nearby residential properties.
  • The contribution towards education is insufficient to mitigate against the impact of the development.
  • The introduction of a new A3 or A4 use (i.e. retail) at this location on Burdett Road would have an unacceptable impact on neighbouring properties in terms of an unacceptable increase in late-night noise, disturbance and general activity in the locality.
  • The child play space and amenity area in the development is inadequate and inappropriately located to meet the needs of future residents

More news to follow and please see previous posts.

Jim Fitzpatrick MP and local residents in the Trillium reception

October 25th, 2010

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