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The appeal continues on into its 4th day today in the Council Chambers on the 1st floor of Mullberry Place – it is possible that a draft judgment will be given today.

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Council Chambers, Town Hall, Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BG

Commencing on Tuesday 1st February 2011 at 10:00am


Appeal by Indigo Planning on behalf of Telereal Trilium and Telereal (Prime) Property Group Ltd against the Council’s refusal of planning applications ref. PA/09/214 & PA/10/510

Location:  Former Job Centre Plus, 307 Burdett Road, E14 7DR


  1. Full Planning Application for redevelopment of the site involving the erection ofa part 6 and part 11 storey building and lower ground floor level adjacent to Limehouse cut to provide 56 residential units, 658 square metres of commercial floorspace (Use Classes A1/A3 and A4) at ground and lower ground floor level, cycle parking, amenity space and other associated works.
  2. Application for Conservation Area Consent for demolition of existing part 2 and part 3 storey vacant unemployment benefit office building plus basement and a single storey wing at the rear.

An Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State under paragraph 1(1) of Schedule 6 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 will attend at the place, date and time shown above to decide the appeal.

Members of the public may attend the inquiry and, at the Inspector’s discretion, express their views.  If you or anyone you know has a disability and is concerned about the facilities at the inquiry venue, you should contact the Council in advance to ensure suitable provisions are in place.

Copies of the appellant’s, proofs of evidence, summaries and statement of common ground can be viewed at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 5th Floor, Anchorage House, 2 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BE.  Contact: Jane Jin Tel: 020-7364-6573.

Planning Inspectorate Reference: 

  • APP/E5900/E/10/2131773 (PA/10/510)
  • APP/E5900/E/10/2131760 (PA/09/214)

Contact Point at the Planning Inspectorate: Nicholas Kessler, 3/19 Eagle Wing, Temple
Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN Tel: 01173728000

Owen Whalley


Head of Planning & Building Control

January 23rd, 2011

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I doubt if any Mile End resident would argue with the need for more schools (especially if you have children growing up here!) but this…..

Proposed Central Foundation Girls School extension

As part of the redevelopment of the Central Foundation Girls School (c. 1897)* on Bow Road, it is currently being proposed by the council that a locally listed building, called by the council “St Anthony’s House” or No. 25 Bow Road, be demolished. The building was originally one of the grand houses of Bow Road and as such has merited local listing, designated ‘LST 125′. It makes a positive contribution to the Tredegar Square Conservation Area and especially to the houses next to it on Bow Road in Coborn Terrace, and also to the houses on Coborn Street as they share the same architectural features of yellow stock bricks, arch-head sash windows, slate roofs and chimneys, some of which also feature on the Listed School. There is no date given for the building in the council’s architects’ ‘Heritage Impact Asessment’ or any explanation as to why it is called St Anthony’s. It also mistakenly (I believe, in looking at old maps) declares that its heritage value is lessened by it being part of a now lost “pair”. It is apparently therefore a ‘”neutral element at best” in the Tredegar Square Conservation Area’ and its “architectural merit is questionable.”

An 1862 map actually has three houses there on Bow Road with the same front gardens as Coborn Terrace and it was actually called Coborn Place. A later post-war map does show a remaining pair of houses, as part of the school grounds of the ‘new’ school, built on Bow Road in 1897, so this perhaps explains why they say “pair” – however to leave out the true history and relevance and therefore contribution to the Conservation Area seems very unfair. It also seems negatively skewed in favour of demolition with such negative comments and lack of proper assessment of the buildings genuine heritage.

The houses of Coborn Terrace on Bow Road and the ones on Coborn Street are all Listed Buildings (nationally listed, Grade II) while “St Anthony’s”/25 Bow Road is Locally Listed, perhaps because it is no longer a residence and was altered for use as a school building currently “teacher training facilities and research centre.” The 1897 School on Bow Road is also a Listed Building and is a companion building to the famous (formerly boys’ ‘Coopers’) School on Morgan Street, which (it seems) will be sold off when the new development goes up and the campus will then be on Bow Road, Coborn Street and Harley Grove. We personally do not have any experience of the problems at the Central Foundation Girls School that have necessitated this redevelopment plan. We do however appreciate that schools in Tower Hamlets are over subscribed. Expansion would also follow if the school leaves the building on Morgan Street as it wants to have a single campus, however, this should not mean the demolition of a heritage building which is a surviving example of original Mile End Old Town; the “ribbon” development of historic Bow Road; probably dates back to
the 1820’s and is in the Tredegar Square Conservation Area.

Here are links to the application(s) which have various numbers for various consents; demolition in a conservation area and demolition of a Locally Listed building needing different consents. Most of the documents seem to have been filed with PA/10/2286, which is general application for the whole scheme but PA/10/2288 and PA/10/2289 are also relevant:

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January 20th, 2011

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Saturday 19 February at 09.00

Thursday 17th February - 12.00

307 plan

Planned building for the site of 307

307 Burdett Road

307 Burdett Road

January 20th, 2011

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Hands Off Our Public Services


Tuesday 18th January 7 pm

Cranbrook Estates Tenants Hall – Mace Street – (off Roman Road E2 – Map Here)

Speakers include :-

Morpeth pupils against fees & EMA cuts

Tower Hamlets Tenants & Residents Federation

Len Aldis (National Pensioners’ Convention)

Local service workers facing cuts

Cllr. Ohid Ahmed (Deputy Mayor)

January 13th, 2011

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Local people, campaign groups and trade unionists came together on Wednesday night (5.1.11) to plan a campaign of resistance against cuts in public services. The Con-Dem government has unleashed a savage assault against working class communities. Tower Hamlets Council has seen its share of central government funding slashed by 18%, while leafy shires and suburbs receive much more favourable treatment. In response, the Tower Hamlets Cabinet, under Mayor Lutfur Rahman, has published a draft budget that will mean cuts of £70 million over the next few years, hundreds of job losses, reduced levels of service and selling-off public buildings.

The well-attended meeting at the Labour Party rooms in Bethnal Green agreed a timetable of activities over the coming weeks that will draw attention to how the budget will affect the daily lives of East Enders. Included in the planned cuts are the loss of vital services like Housing Link, that works with families with mental health problems, out of school activities for young people, threats to two adventure playgrounds and reduced levels of care for the elderly and disabled.

The acting-convenor of HOOPS, Alex Kenny (East London Teachers Association) said:

‘It is outrageous that the poor, weak and vulnerable in our society are being expected to pay the price for the financial mess caused by greedy bankers. Students have already shown that they’re not prepared to be the sacrificial lambs and we need to follow their lead. We are determined to fight these cuts in Tower Hamlets”.

HOOPS will be organising a lobby of the next Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 12th January (5.30 pm at Mulberry Place) and will be holding a series of stalls and leafleting sessions at shopping centres around the borough on Saturday 15th January (from 2pm). On Tuesday 18th January there will be a public meeting in Bethnal Green (Cranbrook estate tenants hall, Mace Street) to which the deputy mayor, Cllr Ohid Ahmed has been invited. Further activities will be organised and announced in the lead-up to the Council’s budget setting meeting on 23rd February.

January 7th, 2011

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