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Finally news from the judicial review held on 11th, 12th and 15th November at the Administrative Court Office – Mr Justice Ouseley has delivered his verdict and overturned London Borough of Tower Hamlets designation of the Limehouse Cut as a Conservation Area. This news comes as the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State aproaches the end of the appeal by Indigo Planning on behalf of Telereal Trilium and Telereal (Prime) Property Group Ltd against the Council’s refusal of planning applications ref. PA/09/214 & PA/10/510 .
Consequently, the former POPLAR EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE will almost certainly be demolished and several other buildings in the construction area would be under threat and possibly demolished for tall blocks of flats. Most of the historic canalscape on London’s oldest canal would be lost and the canal would become a sunless concrete canyon.

Limehouse Cut Conservation Area

“There is no doubt that the Poplar Employment Exchange has strong local value and is an important East London landmark. If this were a Conservation Area, the dignified neo-Georgian elevations and historic interest of Poplar Employment Exchange would make a positive contribution to its character.”

Hannah Parham – English Heritages Adviser’s Report 1/6/2009.

307 Burdett Road

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February 4th, 2011

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