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Share bid launched off starting blocks

Last week, the East London Community Land Trust launched a major membership drive. In just under a week over a hundred East Enders bought a share in East Londons most exciting community controlled developer, and many hundreds more look set to join, as trusted, local East London institutions pledged their support with the membership drive.

Over the next week local business leaders will be joining the land trust. “We believe that business supports the extension of affordable housing. We’re going to be asking local business leaders to show their support,” said land trust member, Nick Durie. “If we sustain this momentum, with your application for membership, and with your help in forwarding this email, we are certain to reach our target of 1000 new members in time for our AGM!”

East London Comunity Land Trust are bidding to buy the St Clement’s hospital site, in Mile End, so we believe now, more than ever, is a great time to join the land trust. We may soon be building homes in this community.
With the AGM coming up, in order to ensure your membership is processed in time to participate, we advise you to join before the 8th of August.

Why are people joining the East London Community Land Trust?

What our members say…
“Affordability is a big issue for us as it is for many in the Capital and I support this move to provide it. I have lived in the East End for 12 years and have been an active member of the local community around St Paul’s Shadwell.”

“I have grown up in various parts of the East End and since childhood noticed the difficulties people have in attaining decent accommodation.”

“I am a local resident living in cramped conditions due to the high cost of housing in Bow. I do not want to leave the area as my children (aged 11 and 14) love attending their school at Central Foundation Girls School, which is opposite St Clements Hospital. I want St Clements hospital to become a genuinely mixed community and to help support the building become an exemplar affordable, sustainable award-winning housing complex.”

“I am a strong supporter of the Community Land Trust model as being an effective and workable model for ensuring housing is available to everyone, no matter if they are on social rent, can afford to buy, or are in private rental housing. It offers the chance to build communities together, without leaving large sections of society behind (I think this counts for both those on low incomes, but also those on middle incomes who are not eligiable for tradtional models of help, but earn nowhere near enough to afford to buy, and who just get ripped off by private landlords)”

Membership is open to all East Enders. It costs just £1 to join, but members can stand for election, get a chance to move into a land trust home, and take part in the democratic stewardship of land. Members will receive a welcome pack, and share certificate, and will be posted regular updates through our newsletter, The St Clement’s Rider. Isn’t it time you joined?


July 12th, 2011

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