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The re-designation of the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area goes to the LBTH Cabinet this evening at 17.30.

It is the second item on the agenda so should be heard early in the proceedings. It would be good if people could spare the time to come to the meeting to show support in the Committee Room, 1st Floor, Town Hall, Mulberry Place at 17.30.

You can read the recommendations from officers below. Not totally ideal as 83 Barchester Street is missing from the List of Locally Listed Buildings. Quite possibly after comments from the owner found in the summary of comments here.

Leaside Regeneration and Harca made a lot of comments to protect their interests in regeneration. Poplar Harca subsequently withdrew their objections to the designation of the Conservation Area Following revision of the Conservation Area Character Appraisal (PDF) and Management Guidelines by officers.

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Full report details here (PDF) Full meeting details on LBTH website here

Cabinet is recommended to:-

2.1  Note the decision of the Judicial Review in the High Court, which whilst quashing  the original designation accepted that designation of the area as a Conservation  Area might be appropriate.

2.2 Note the responses to the public consultation considering the proposed  designation and the supporting Limehouse Cut Conservation Area Character  Appraisal and Management Guidelines.

2.3 Agree the Designation Statement at appendix C which sets out the special  character of the area. 2.4 Agree the designation of the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area, with boundaries  as indicated in the map at appendix A, including the transfer of land to include  Violet Road Bridge and a section of canal and landscaping to the front of Caspian  Wharf from the Langdon Park Conservation Area to the new Limehouse Cut  Conservation Area. [This land already has conservation area status, thus the status of this land remains unchanged, and the alterations are a prudent  rationalisation of boundaries because the canal and this small area of land are  more logically located within the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area].

2.5 Agree the amended boundaries to the Langdon Park Conservation Area to reflect  the suggested rationalization in paragraph

2.4. The revised boundaries of the  Langdon Park Conservation Area are shown in appendix B.

2.6 Agree the addition of the following buildings identified during the public  consultation to the List of Locally Listed Buildings within the Limehouse Cut  Conservation Area, Dowgate Wharf (22-23) Gillender Street, 24 Gillender Street,  Towpath House on Dod Street; Printers Gate on Dod Street; The Sail Loft on Dod  Street; and The Spice Store on Dod Street .

2.7 Adopt the attached draft Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management  Plan at Appendix D which supports the proposed designation, setting out the  character of the Limehouse Cut, identifying those buildings which are to be Locally  Listed and putting forward proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the  Conservation Area.

August 3rd, 2011

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