Jewish Maternity Hospital – Campaign Newsletter No. 10

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  1. Stanley Fox says:

    In reply to Stephen Howlett’s (CEO Peabody Trust ) email to Tom Ridge dated 21 December 2011. I believe that Tom Ridge(local historian) and local campaigner is absolutely genuine and right in his comments to preserve the two buildings of Underwood Road for demolition by Peabody without the proposed final meeting that was arranged between Tower Hamlets planners and Owen Whalley as stated in Tom Ridge’s reply to Stephen Howlett. This has been completely side stepped and the ingenuous comments by Peabody have to be addressed , this is a fundamental rule of law, in view of the wide opposition against the complete demolition of a “Sacred Trust ” and “betrayal” of nineteenth century history of the only Jewish Maternity Hospital in England at the time in 1911 that provided Welfare and Safety for Mothers and babies at the time. Tom Ridge should not be ignored in his endeavour to save history, past and present, he has my wholehearted support in this campaign.

  2. Helen marcus says:

    I was born in Mother Levys

  3. Helen marcus says:

    My brother and I were born in Mother Levy’s -1938 and ’36 ….and only just found out through Tom Ridge, bless him, that It was the JMH and so enjoying reading its history. The building should have a blue plaque, birthplace of at least two who have contributed to literature and entertainment worldwide — and I’ve no doubt there are many more. If it would help, I’ll try and do some research….am living in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Oz. Grew up around Brick Lane, schooled at the best grammar school in east London, CFS in Spital Square and know the old East End like the back of my hand.
    Wish you every success.

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