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We the undersigned petitioners ask Peabody to keep and convert the front parts of 22 & 24 Underwood Road as a small but important remnant of the former Jewish Maternity Hospital and as a memorial to the pioneering achievements of Alice Model MBE.



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20 Responses

  1. Matt Rosemier says:

    Please do not tear down the Jewish Maternity Hospital building;

  2. Gordon Smith says:

    when it’s gone, it’s gone….think about it & leave it standing!

  3. Julian Duplain says:

    Let’s lose any more old buildings from Spitalfields streets.
    I would expected Peabody to be a bit more sensitive than a normal commercial developer, but it looks like we’re going to have to fight this one.

  4. Julian Duplain says:

    Let’s not lose any more old buildings from Spitalfields streets.
    I would expected Peabody to be a bit more sensitive than a normal commercial developer, but it looks like we’re going to have to fight this one.

  5. stephanie maltman says:

    This building represents a part of East End history now almost disappeared. So much has gone already, reminders of a particular time and a particular community, not only is this building a reminder but a tangible link with those who came before. So little remains, in fact, that surely we should cherish what is left.

  6. Pam Wallace says:

    Stop taking our history away from us.

  7. David Wedge says:

    If not for what might be considered obvious reasons, please reconsider your planned action following the, ‘Prior Notice of Demolition’. It is exactly this perceived misuse of due process that leaves local people and others feeling impotent and disenfranchised. Tower Hamlets Council were not elected to allow this action, equally Peabody Housing should be ashamed of abusing real democracy for the so-called greater good.

  8. Judith Deschamps says:

    Too much London history is being obliterated or sanitised

  9. Judith Deschamps says:

    We have already lost too much London history. It should not be forgotten.

  10. Nitza Spiro says:

    As a director of the renowned Spiro Ark (an educational organisation with a charitable status,)whose aim is to spread knwledge and understanding of Jewish history and culture to Jews and non Jews alike I urge you to reverse your decision to demolish the two historic buildings on 22 &24 Underwood Road.

    In a multicultural city like London, the story of each ethnic group must be preserved in order to demonstrate the contribution of each group to this rich historical taoestry. Old buildings and their human stories are one essential key to mutual appreciation and respect of “the other” who so often feel estranged Preservation of two buildings can add much to mutual repect and better relationships- a price well worth considering!!!

  11. Alan Dulin says:

    I was born here in 1934 and remember it well!

  12. Emma says:

    Demolition of this beautiful, historical building would be a tragedy. We should be conserving our heritage for future generations, maintaing and restoring these buildings to all their glory. Such places make Great Britain glorious, their strong presence providing an identity, and so they should remain. Please don’t replace with faceless, modern, ugly eyesores.

  13. Andrea Fox says:

    Time to stop anti Semitism in the #UK and defend this beautiful, historical building

  14. Beryl says:

    My father, Sam Philip Marinker, was born in Mother Levy’s Home on March 27th 1916, also my aunt, Eva Preshner on March 26th 1916 They both used to joke about it as they were born one day apart. I cannot begin to explain how happy I feel actually finding out this was not a joke and the place really did exist.

    Please leave it alone, it’s a lovely building with a wonderful heritage to the history of the Jewish migrants in years goneby.

    This could never be replaced.

  15. I don’t wabt to connect myself to facebook. I was born in Mother Levy’s Maternity Home. If you want people my age to help we need to be able to see the print and not be obliged to sign on to facebook. There are people in the world – maybe your grandmothers – can’t see this test and who don’t be bothered the incessant selling of facebook. I will write something sign something but don’t make the life of an 83 year old – whp lived in east london 98, mile end road then Romford Street and was born in the home – more complicated than it already is. Thank you and keep up the fight. We have such fights in America and the real estate developers always win out.

  16. Peter Heald says:

    Policy should be to adapt and reuse

  17. sue collins says:

    Yet another wonderful building about to sacrificed. Absolutely criminal. Britain’s heritage is slowly being eliminated. Please stop destroying our identity.

  18. fran says:

    Lots of my ancestors lived and worked around this area years ago. Iv visited many times. Love the area. Please leave this building alone and other old buildings as well. Enough were destroyed during WW2. So leave whats left alone. Its our heritage

  1. October 17, 2011

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