Please share with others who are interested in preserving our local architectural heritage.

Can you please attend the Developement Committee meeting at the Town Hall tomorrow at 7.00 pm. To suport the limiting of the  proposed Bellway development which includes the Limehouse Accumulator Tower.

By way of explanation see below an email to our patron Jim Fitzpatrick MP.

Tom Ridge

East End Waterway Group

FYI Letter to Nasser Farooq (PDF Download) –  re Hydraulic Accumulator Tower


Dear Jim,

Development Committee Wednesday , 22nd August item 7.2 Land at Commercial Road, Basin Approach, London (PA/12/00925 ).

Eastend Waterway Group objected to this application but is not named in the report and the points made are not fully or properly addressed. Malcolm Tucker of GLIAS has registered to speak and I have registered to speak on behalf of the Eastend Waterway Group.

A copy of our letter 28 May 2012 was sent to you and the waterway champions. I attach a copy for your information. The EEWG is not objecting to the development but like GLIAS, thinks that proposed block C should be reduced to 4 storeys and that the railway arch in front of the Hydraulic Accumulator Tower must be safe guarded for use and access in connection with the publicly accessible tower.


Tom Ridge

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