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Although the London Legacy Development Corporation’s further consultation ended on 21 February we have decided to continue with the attached petition, safe in the knowl edge that it will be accepted by LLDC as the local planning authority. The goal is 1000 names so please do your best to encourage others to sign as well and as soon as possible.

Tom Ridge

Petition text

LLDC: Further Consultation on Proposed Extended Conservation Areas, Fish Island and Hackney Wick

We, the undersigned, ask that the reference to Hackney Wick South is dropped from the proposed name for the extended conservation area in LB Tower Hamlets, that both conservation area documents are completely accurate; and support the request from the East End Waterway Group (EEWG) for the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) to locally list two buildings at 10 Stour Road.

The former works at 10 Stour Road was occupied from about 1953 to 1984 by printing machine and press manufacturers, Frank F Pershke Ltd. The two most important buildings are the two-storey c.1900 factory on the west bank of the Hackney Cut, and the two-storey-high engineering workshop on the corner of Stour Road and Beechy RoadThe c.1900 factory suffered general blast damage on 21 July 1944 when a VI flying bomb landed a short distance to the east in Glikstens’ timber yard. The factory was repaired and reinforced for Pershke Ltd. by the insertion of a very unusual reinforced concrete frame: with a concrete floor at first-floor level and a narrow flat concrete roof between timber roof slopes.

The engineering workshop with its exposed reinforced concrete frame and steel gantry beams was built for Pershke Ltd. An overhead travelling crane on the gantry beams was used to assemble the machines and presses. The former workshop is now a rare and important surviving example of its type in London.

The significance of both buildings is enhanced by the proximity of three purpose-built late-19th-century / early-20th-century printing works in Fish Island; a 19th-century works used by a Shoreditch-based printers from about 1907 to 1924; and a purpose-built early-20th-century printing works in Hackney Wick.


The last two newsletters were about the London Legacy Development Corporation’s public consultation on the proposed extensions to the existing Fish Island CA and the Hackney Wick CA.  On 24 January 2014, the LLDC announced a further consultation and published the two Conservation Area Appraisals and Draft Management Guidelines for comment.


Proposed changes – click image for large version

Many organisations and individuals wrote in support of the extended conservation areas but there were also many objections.  Please read the long attached letter I have written on behalf of EEWG; and please do your best to write again.

This time, EEWG objects strongly to the extended conservation area in LB Tower Hamlets being named Fish Island & Hackney Wick South.  Also, given the obvious necessity for conservation area documents to be accurate, I have felt compelled to correct the many errors.


The deadline is 21 February 2014.  My apologies for not writing sooner but I have been revising a long extract from EEWG’s forthcoming East End Waterway Guide (referred to throughout the attached letter).  The extract needs a few more revisions as I have also been busy researching two buildings in Stour Road (between H Forman & Son and Stour Space). Both have been omitted from the proposed local listing; and one referred to briefly in the attached letter, under page 25 Stour Road Cluster.


In your letter please add your support for these two buildings to be added to the local list.  Both were used from about 1953 to 1984 by a manufacturer of printing machines and printing presses.  The engineering workshop retains its original steel gantry beams (for an overhead travelling crane) and is now a rare and important surviving example of its type in London.


Please do your best to meet the deadline or write as soon as possible after 21st February.


Tom Ridge


Letter Letter
Letter on behalf of EEWGTom Ridge Note on the structures at 10 Stour RoadMalcolm Tucker

February 22nd, 2014

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