Since the Special October Newsletter, a November Supplement has been published, followed by a Post-Script to the November Supplement.

All three have either been e-mailed to you via the East End Waterway Group OR may be viewed on Please read all three and send your email to the four addresses listed below, as soon as possible, as the developers have submitted their planning application to Tower Hamlets and it is likely to be validated shortly.

This is our last chance to persuade the developers, Historic England and Tower Hamlets to

  • address the six bullet points in the November Supplement – before the consultation period starts and all we can do is object
  • give serious consideration to requests for 35% “affordable” housing and other substantial public benefits which you think necessary to outweigh the loss of the south wing of 1865 (at right angles to the south end of the main building of 1855 and facing the eastern end of Bonner Road.

Tom Ridge

7 Shepton Houses

070 89817361

Four email addresses (copy & paste):
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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