A photo story of Woolmore Primary School which council officials wish to demolish



Woolmoore Sch front elevation

Last month Tower Hamlets councillors voted to refuse plans for a new four-storey primary school and demolition of the current school. But now council officers are leaning on councillors to reverse their decision when the committee meets on Thursday 18 April 7.30pm.

The application for a new four-storey school is being made from within the Council
by the Education, Social Care & Well-being department.

Though the current school is not a listed building will be one of only two remaining original buildings in the vast new Blackwall Reach regeneration area. Interestingly, the Blackwall Reach developer doesn’t require demolition of the school and is seeking to create a character area there. But the council’s Schools Department wants to knock it down and planning officer Andrew Hargreaves states the building has no ‘heritage value’ and cannot be ‘locally listed’.

Award-winning architects Birds Portchmouth Russum have designed an alternative plan that both expands the school and conserves the building. Local neighbours have supported this by signing the petition and say nobody has asked for their opinion on whether to demolish the school.

SIGN THE PETITION AND ATTEND THE MEETING ON THURSDAY 7.30pm to SCRUTINISE Tower Hamlets’ DECISION-MAKING PROCESS  (Council Chamber, Town Hall, Mulberry Place: DLR to East India)

The school is in ‘Building Parcel R’ within the proposed Blackwall Reach Regeneration Area

blackwall proposed

Proposed regeneration area looking towards the Thames

Woolmore Sch front view
Woolmore Primary School from Woolmore Street with its seven vent stacks.
Built in the neo-Georgian style the school was opened in 1916.


Woolmore Sch and Canary Wharf
The school from the north side with Canary Wharf


Woolmore Sch wall and canary wharfwith the former Infants School and All Saints Church

Woolmore Sch back elevation



Woolmore Sch rear with garden
The east end and part of the large school garden


Woolmore Sch from East
From the east

Woolmore Sch annex boarded up
The former Infants School awaiting demolition


The Infants School became the British Restaurant on Woolmore Street in wartime London in 1942
Imperial War Museum archive


Woolmore Sch demolition of annex

A school annex, formerly the Manual Training Centre, being demolished on 27 March 2013



Woolmore Sch from East India Dock Road
From East India Dock Road with the newly-demolished Infants School and annex.
Tower Hamlets Council is in the background on the left with Robin Hood Gardens on the right. 



Woolmore Sch from Robin Hood
The front of the school from Robin Hood Gardens



Woolmore Sch from Robin Hood mound
from the mound in Robin Hood Gardens


Woolmore Sch through Robin Hood window
Through a glass brick wall in Robin Hood Gardens


Robin Hood west side

the mound at Robin Hood Gardens

Robin Hood Gardens

After a long struggle Robin Hood Gardens will be demolished as part of the Blackwall Reach redevelopment


Woolmoore Sch front elevation