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The former infants’ school in Club Row was designed and built by E.R.Robson, architect to the School Board for London (SBL) from 1872-1884.  Most of his early SBL schools have been demolished and, apart from his 1879 infants’ school in Club Row, all the surviving examples have been extensively altered.  The detached single-storey Nichol Street Infants’ School closed in 1933 and survives more or less as built (see STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE).


The owner of the Grade-II-listed building in the Boundary Estate CA has applied to Tower Hamlets Council for major alterations, which include the unnecessary demolition of several walls and the replacement of the unique roof over the entire roof playground (see Schedule of Demolitions, amended).


The Campaign believes that repair and minimal alterations for continued gallery and additional office use would secure the future of the nationally significant building without altering it beyond recognition.


As a result of objections by local residents, local historian Tom Ridge, The Victorian Society, The London Society and the Greater London Industrial Archaelogy Society, the applicant has made a few minor revisions (see Schedule of Demolitions, amended).


A petition in response to the proposals and insufficient revisions was signed by 130 people (mostly residents in and around the Boundary Estate) and was taken to the Town Hall on 15 November, and as the applications are unlikely to be considered by the Development Committee in December, the petition is going online for as many Londoners as possible to make sure that this unique London school building is repaired and altered in a way which respects its national significance.


Please sign the online petition here as soon as possible or click here…..

Petition - Former infants' school in Club Row - GoPetition

……and encourage others to follow suit.


Tom Ridge (0208 981 7361)
7 Shepton Houses, Welwyn, London E2 0JN

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