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  • Caroline Bottomley says:

    It is a HUGE opportunity for you to create a wonderful and bold contemporary landscape and leisure facility for Londoners. People would travel to come here because it would have character and style – and we all love to spend time in pleasing landscapes.
    It would also merit tons of press attention and would draw events organisers to the leisure facilities, because they would be distinctive.
    Please take this opportunity whilst you have it.

  • Victoria says:

    Amazing industrial structures of our past. Surely they can be incorporated into plans for a new park and indeed be the feature. Have seen this done to spectacular effect in Seattle in the USA.

  • Michael says:

    Can we see how many people have signed the petition anywhere? thanks

  • Paul says:

    I’m petitioning to preserve these places

  • Jill Wilson says:

    As a designer I would love to have the chance to include something as dramatic as the Bethnal Green gasometers into a scheme… Not only are they a wonderful example of Victorian engineering which should be celebrated and preserved, but they could become a fantastic feature in the new park and give it a brilliant and distinctive unique local identity.

    I do hope the developers will recognise what a golden opportunity they have to design something really special!

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