Club Row planning application comments

Ann Cordery I believe that the the original design, structure and fabric of the School building should remain unalterred, as continuing testimony to the work of the architect Edward Robert Robson and the lives of the many children who passed through its doors, for whom education was not an automatic right of passage.

Brett Hopkins Education for education sake. Protect the historical as heritage. Traditional retail is already finished so why prolong the inevitable. Developers must eat but not at the expense of the community

Molly Porter I hope this beautiful building can remain open as a
community school, and will be anxious to learn the result of council

Katherine Bagley Very much against this alteration

Mandy McLean Please don’t destroy any more buildings from the historical East End – there’s so few left. And please don’t change this conservation area.

Cynthia Grant I strongly believe that these proposed alterations to this wonderful building should not go ahead This is part of our history and should be preserved and cared for

Duncan Drury It would be a tragic loss to the area to make radical
changes to the Rochelle Infants School Building which is one the few
historic links to the Old Nichol Estate. I object to the plans to make

Kate Phillips Too many special buildings have been lost. Please
think again. We need to hang on to our heritage. When it’s gone it’s gone and it’ll be too late.

AubreySilkoff Its architecture fits perfectly with the surrounding Boundary Estate. Extensive alterations would be a travesty. Should radical refurbishment be carried out then, in my opinion, a historic building would have been destroyed. Mores the pity. Although I was not educated at this institution, I did attend some activities in the evenings after school.

Fay Cattini The school forms an integral part of the estate and its design should not be altered. It will stick out like a sore thumb if it is altered. We have lost so much of our history in Tower Hamlets and it is being replaced with modern, soul-less buildings.

Max Reeves Enacting these changes, and more which are proposed,IMG_5503
will eradicate much of the meaning of the building – both as a witness of the lives of the people of the Old Nichol, and as a pertinent reminder of an era when improving the lot of the poor, and allowing them human dignity, became a priority.

Jean Wilson What a shame it would be to lose such a handsome building which has social and historical significance.

Z Sullivan This is an outstanding example of art/architecture & design for specific persons & purpose. It MUST be retained in its entirety & unaltered!!

Juliet Shipman A very handsome building which should be restored and brought into proper use. Mary Scott The buildings and atmosphere around Arnold Circus are so distinctive and special; please don’t start changing them. The high-rise block at the top of Brick Lane is already a major and dominating new development threatening the character of the area.