Latest Waterway News – Stop Lock Bridge – Bow Wharf

As explained in my EEWG 29 November letter of objection to the planning applications for residential development (see Newsflash 30 Nov 2011), this 1830 bridge is London’s only example of a combined towing and access bridge. And is, therefore, the most important of all the bridges over the waterways in the Borough’s unique six-mile waterway ring.

The bridge was listed Grade II subsequent to the discovery that, in its first application for residential development, British Waterways was proposing to demolish the bridge for a new and stronger bridge providing unrestricted vehicular access to the western part of Bow Wharf.

As you will see from the attached letter of objection to both listed building applications, British Waterways’ proposals for a replacement water pipe demonstrate a continuing lack of concern for the bridge. Likewise the proposals for works to the bridge submitted by BW’s property company known as H2O.

Although I have written the attached letter of objection on behalf of the Group, it will only count as one objection. At least twenty letters of objection are needed to ensure that (if the applications are not withdrawn or refused), they are determined by a committee of Councillors. Please write/email as soon as possible and send us a copy. The applications have different consultation periods but for maximum effect please try to make your objections by 3 January 2012.

Many thanks to all who wrote letters of objection to the applications for residential development. We understand that there are more than enough for the applications to be determined by a committee of Councillors. Please ensure that there are also more than enough objections to the two listed building applications.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Ridge